Investment Strategy

IBS offers a wide range of financial products and services when investing in select real estate and equity transactions. To achieve this, IBS employs capital from dedicated real estate and equity funds focused on specified investment strategies within targeted geographies.


Income and Growth
IBS has extended its focus to develop more diversified, non-traditional streams of income. As a result, the firm deployed initiatives that included the establishment of FDIC structured real estate investment funds with integration of real estate asset management needed to acquire large real estate portfolios.


Investing for Income
In evaluating potential current income investments, IBS looks for real estate with stable and predictable cash flows, an opportunity for growth in rental rates, a diversified tenant base, restricted supply in the sub-market, a favorable demographic profile, and which have the potential for generating moderate capital gains over a five to ten year horizon. IBS seeks to identify growing asset classes which are reasonably priced and have the prospect of becoming attractive asset classes for institutional investors.


Investing for Growth
In evaluating potential equity projects, IBS targets sectors that demonstrate strong growth potential supported by fundamental trends. IBS targets projects that have innovative products or services, leading market positions and strong management teams capable of building shareholder value; a sustainable value proposition due to market strength in product line, technology, distribution, manufacturing, or brand; a clear business strategy with multiple avenues for growth and market share gains.