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A Trusted Partner for Professional & Institutional Investors

In this constantly shifting economy, accredited and institutional investors are increasingly in need of innovative and alternative investments. IBS Investment Bank (IBS, N.A.) is dedicated to supporting a family of investment vehicles principally focused on the placement of debt and equity within the real estate and corporate sectors. Our incubated institutional investors and co-lenders take pleasure in accessing transaction flow from our sister company, IBS Institutional Capital. The IBS, N.A. business model allows our investors access to uniquely sourced and crafted investment opportunities. The investor base of IBS ranges from larger institutional investors to family offices.


As a private-held investment bank, IBS, N.A. has the flexibility and expertise to structure a wide array of institutional investment vehicles. IBS Investment Bank is not a registered broker-dealer or investment advisor and does invest in transactions requiring public securities registration. Requests for regulated transactions are referred to broker-dealer affiliates. All principal-funded IBS funds are managed under SEC 506(c) Regulation D of the Securities Act and are not offered to the public.  


IBS Companies Brochure
Since 2011, our family of companies has been regularly covered by over 150 major media outlets. Download our company brochure to learn more about our proven track record and current offerings.
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